Build the Castle


Help Build the Castle this summer! Join SandCastles for our first team-based fundraising campaign to help us reach our goal as we continue to offer services to families free of charge! SandCastles is 100% philanthropically supported. Register today for Build the Castle and join us for an exciting day at the Detroit Zoo on September 21 as we celebrate our success!

How can you help?

You can help Build the Castle by:

  • Joining one of our seven fundraising teams and sharing your personal fundraising page with your friends & family
  • Donating to the personal page of an existing team member
  • Sharing our fundraising campaign online with your friends & family through social media or email

Tips for sharing your Build the Castle page:

  • Use eye-catching images in your posts on social media
  • Share your grief story in your posts
  • Personally thank donors by tagging them in a post with a nice anecdote
  • Be consistent: post often
  • Be authentic

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are SandCastles funds directed?

100% of funds raised are directed to our mission of helping grieving families including our program sites, summer camp, and special events (grief retreat days, drumming nights, and more).

What do I do with cash or check donations?

  1. Please convert cash donations to a check or, preferably, a credit card donation on your webpage.
  2. Checks can be made out to you and converted to a donation on your webpage using a credit card.

If I host a fundraising event, how should funds raised be submitted to SandCastles?

Personally collect ALL funds (cash and checks made out to you) and at the conclusion of your event, make one online deposit on your Build the Castle page.

I want to personalize my page, add a photo or change the content – where do I go?

You can personalize your webpage by logging into your Participant Center. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance!

How does my company or organization become a SandCastles sponsor?

For more information on corporate sponsorship, please contact Rebecca Sellers at or (313) 874-7212. 

Are there volunteer opportunities available with SandCastles?

Yes – our support groups at our seven different site locations are always looking for facilitators and our summer camp is a great way to get involved if you are unable to make a year-long commitment to volunteering with us. Please visit our “Get Involved” page for more information, or give us a call at (313) 771-7005.

Who can attend the culmination event at The Detroit Zoo in September?

Any registered participant that raises at least $150 or above may bring ONE guest to the culmination event.

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