Activities for Children

Activities for Children

Children grieve. It may not look the same as adolescents or adults in grief, but the emotions they experience are equally powerful and valid.

Check out these activities to support a grieving child.


The Shared Grief Project
Watch videos and read interviews with athletes, celebrities, and other high-profile figures who have experienced a loss.

Take Home Volcano Room
At SandCastles, the Volcano Room is a place to express our feelings in a safe, physical way. This document explains the Volcano Room and how to create your own at home.

Emotions Bingo Printable Game for Kids
Emotions Bingo is a great way to talk about the emotions we all experience and what we do with those emotions when we feel them. (Remember, feelings are never right or wrong – it’s how we cope that matters!)

Oobleck & Grief
Grief is messy. Get messy with “oobleck” and talk about what we can do with those messy feelings. (Pairs well with Grief is a Mess by Jackie Schuld!)

Postcard to Your Person
Write a postcard to your person who died. What picture would you put on the front?

Grief Sentence Completion

Where Do I Feel


Different Ways Children Express Grief

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