The SandCastles Difference: Helping Grieving Children Heal

At Henry Ford SandCastles Grief Support, we believe children, teenagers, and their families deserve to grieve and heal in a safe, supportive environment. Here, our families, volunteers, and participants share their stories of grief and loss and all the ways SandCastles has impacted their lives.

Volunteer Spotlight: Holly Brozowski

“Working with SandCastles has allowed me to experience so many incredible moments in families’ grief journeys, and in the world of grief work,” said Holly Brozowski, Master’s of Social Work student and SandCastles volunteer. “Overall my experience with SandCastles has given me more direction in my social work career path.”

In this Q&A, Holly shares her experience working with SandCastles and encourages others to get involved. Learn more about her: [ Read More ]

Meet the Chandler Family: Navigating Childhood Grief Together

“They’re not walking this walk alone, not doing this by themselves,” said Denise Chandler, mother of Kelsey and Mackenzie. “They have others that can effectively help them on this walk and this journey of healing.”

After the death of their father and grandfather, the Chandler Family turned to Henry Ford SandCastles. At SandCastles Camp, Kelsey and Mackenzie Chandler found a place where they were heard and understood while connecting with other kids who had experienced the death of a loved one. Read their story here: [ Read More ]

Managing Grief from a Mother’s Suicide Death

“Of all the ways this program has helped me — from developing grief coping mechanisms to a full-fledged, deeply meaningful career path — perhaps the most special is the way SandCastles helped my family keep my mom’s memory alive,” said Leah Bengel, SandCastles team member and former participant.

Leah shares her grief journey following her mom’s suicide death. She says her experience as a participant inspired her to become a social worker and join the Sandcastles team as a Clinical Coordinator. Read her story: [ Read More ]

SandCastles Camp Changed My Life

“Almost everywhere else I went, I felt like my grief made people uncomfortable, that it was easier to pretend like it wasn’t there,” said Casey Papp, SandCastles Camp Alum, Helper & Volunteer. “At SandCastles, I didn’t have to pretend.”

Here, Casey shares the important role SandCastles Camp has played in her grief and healing journey. Read her story: [ Read More ]

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