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We are working diligently to ensure the safety of our families, volunteers, and staff members. As a mental health resource in the community, we are modifying our direct service model to offer remote support to the families we serve.

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What We Do

Bi-weekly peer support groups for youth ages 3-18 and their parent/guardian who have experienced the death of a loved one.

An annual weekend experience for bereaved children and teens held each August to emphasize team building and peer support.

We are available for individuals and groups interested in education on children’s bereavement.

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Quality Grief Support

SandCastles offers grief support to children, teens, and families who have experienced the death of a loved one. SandCastles works as a preventative program to help children and teens learn how to grieve and cope with their loss in a constructive way. Expressing thoughts and emotions in a healthy way builds self-esteem in children and strengthens their ability to make positive life choices now and as adults.

SandCastles helped me to realize that no matter that happens, I will have someone to talk to about my grief.

Jaden, age 11

SandCastles has helped my family in the grieving process. Without that support, my family probably would not be together.

Dora, parent

Resources for Families & Professionals

Our Recent Posts

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    What Are They? What’s Your Grief gives us a great example of what grief triggers are: A grief trigger is anything that brings up memories related to a loss. Triggers may be obvious and easy to anticipate – like a birthday or a holiday – or they may be surprising – like spotting someone who … Continue reading Grief Triggers
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