Activities for Teachers, Therapists, and Other Helpers

In your special role with grieving children and families, you may feel limited in how you can help. Fortunately, there are many ways for non-family adults to have a positive impact on a grieving child.

SandCastles Toolkits and Resource Packets

Back to School Family Packet

A resource for families navigating returning to school following a death. Includes frequently asked questions for caregivers, activities, and recommended books.

Resources for Supporting Children and Teens Through Tragedy

Southeast Michigan area resources and helpful tools for talking with children about difficult topics like school shootings and other traumatic events.


Grief House Activity

This activity can be modified for children and teens to talk about any change in their house and process their feelings. Can also be used as an art project with additional modifications.

Grief Sentence Completion

Complete these sentences…

I am Strong Coloring Page

An opportunity for reflective, mindful coloring.


SandCastles FAQ
Thinking of referring a family to SandCastles? These Frequently Asked Questions may help.

Different Ways Children Express Grief

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