Activities for Teens

Activities for Teens

Being a grieving teen can be tough. You’re not a child anymore, but you’re not quite an adult yet, either. Your grief is as unique as you are.

We hope it’s a comfort to know that there are other teens who are grieving, too, and although everyone is different, there are common threads that connect us in our grief.

Check out these activities for grieving teens:


The Shared Grief Project
Watch videos and read interviews with athletes, celebrities, and other high-profile figures who have experienced a loss.

Handful of Thanks
What are you thankful for? What is hard to feel thankful for sometimes?

Postcard to Your Person
Write a postcard to your person who died. What picture would you put on the front?

Grief Sentence Completion
Complete these sentences…

Footprint Coloring
Mindful coloring

Six-Word Story
Legend says Hemingway once won a bet to tell an entire story in six words. Create a six-word story of your own: about your grief, about your person, about your feelings…


class of 2016 by anna lance
A poem about pressure & how it feels to be a teen today.

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