Before Your Intake

If you have never had a phone intake before, you may be nervous about the experience. That’s okay! We are here to help.

Here are some things to think about before your phone intake:

  • Is my child behaving differently since the death? Are they having nightmares, “acting out,” or showing emotions in new ways?
  • Has my family had any other big changes since the death? (Moving, marriage, divorce, etc.)
  • How am I doing? What has changed for ME since the death?
  • Has anyone in my family sought mental health treatment? How about visiting a school counselor? What has helped my family in the past?
  • What do my children know about the death? What don’t they know?
  • Did my children attend the funeral/memorial? What was that like for them?
  • Do my children successfully work in groups with other children?

The phone intake is also an opportunity for you to ask questions. Grief is unique for everyone, but through the years, we’ve learned a lot about grief and what can help. Here are some frequent questions we hear in our phone intakes:

  • How do I tell my child “the truth” about the death, especially when they are very small? (Read more here.)
  • How do I explain SandCastles to my child?
  • What if SandCastles doesn’t feel like the best fit for my family? Will you help me find a different resource for us?
  • What kinds of activities will my child do in group?
  • Will everyone be crying all the time at SandCastles? What if I cry or express my emotions at SandCastles; is that okay?
  • My child is behaving in a new or surprising way, or regressing in their behavior. Is this “normal” in grief?

We are happy to answer any of these, and so many more. All questions are welcome.

If you are not looking for program but have questions about grief or supporting someone who is grieving, please call our main line at 313-874-6881 to be connected with a staff member. You can find more information about Community Resources here.

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