SandCastles “Grief in Brief” Monthly

An Ongoing Series of Helpful Information for Grieving Children and Their Families

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In this month’s Grief in Brief episode, “Our SandCastles Philosophies,” Kailey Hanrath is giving us an inside look at the six pillars and philosophies that guide SandCastles as an organization.
In February’s Grief in Brief, “Grief at Work,” Kailey and Peggy are shining a light on how we can process our grief in a workplace that doesn’t always give us the space to do so.
In January’s Grief in Brief, Kailey Hanrath covers how we can embrace life’s imperfections as we enter 2023. Whether you’re eager to begin a new year and leave behind the imperfections of 2022, or you’re feeling anxious for what’s to come, we’re here to help.
In our December 2022 episode of Grief in Brief, Self Care is Preservation, Kailey and Peggy chat about why it’s so important to check in with yourself. When you need a little extra care, it’s okay to give yourself some attention.
In November 2022’s episode of Grief in Brief, Peggy and Kailey provide us with helpful ideas about how to best help and support our loved ones that are grieving the death of a loved one.
In this month’s Grief in Brief episode, Kailey Hanrath and Peggy Nielsen discuss the importance of Children’s Grief Awareness Month, along with several reasons that managing grief is so critical to healthy emotional development.
September is Suicide Awareness Month. In September’s edition of Grief in Brief, and in honor of Suicide Awareness Month, Kailey had an open conversation with SandCastles alum Leah Bengel about her mother’s death by suicide. Help us spread awareness about how to best support your loved ones that are grieving a suicide death.
In this month’s Grief in Brief episode, Kailey and Peggy discuss your impact on SandCastles. Here, they break down SandCastles services and what your much-appreciated donated dollars provide for grieving children and their families. We couldn’t do what we do without YOU!
In this month’s Grief in Brief episode, Kailey and Peggy break down the Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model, thanks to studies conducted by Judi’s House and the JAG Institute. We have some key takeaways that we think are important to share with our community.
In episode 13 of Grief in Brief, Peggy and Kailey are back with some great ideas for keeping kids in a stable routine throughout the summer. Routine and predictability are so important for kids and teens, especially those grieving a loved one or adjusting to a significant life change.
In episode 12 of Grief in Brief, Peggy talks about the importance of learning in Grief. Whether it’s practicing better self-care or growing your self-awareness, dedicate yourself to the learning during your grief journey. It’ll be worth it in the end.
In episode 11 of Grief in Brief, Peggy and Kailey are taking time to reflect as we surpass the 2-year anniversary of the pandemic. Our programs have pivoted, our community has changed, but we’re still here working to ensure no child is left to grieve alone.
And just like that, we’re on our 10th Episode of Grief in Brief! This month, Peggy and Kailey are discussing all of the incredible lessons they’ve learned through SandCastles.
In episode 9 of Grief in Brief, Kailey and Peggy are breaking down the Winter Blues and what you can do about them. Listen in!
During our live episode of Grief in Brief, Peggy and Kailey share activity ideas you can work together on as a family this holiday season!
DID YOU KNOW – Today is National Children’s Grief Awareness Day? To further shed light on childhood grief and its importance, we are excited to introduce our 8th episode of Grief in Brief: Talking with Children About Death. We know these conversations will be difficult, but they are so critical to a child’s present and future mental health and wellness.
In honor of National Children’s Grief Awareness Month, we’re releasing bonus Grief in Brief content! Check out Episode 7: Managing the Holiday Season for some help and preparation to navigate your grief in the coming months.
In Episode 6 of our Grief in Brief series, Peggy and Kailey are gearing up for National Children’s Grief Awareness Month in November. They cover why healthy grieving as a child is so important and how it can change the trajectory of a child’s life. It’s worth a listen!
In Episode 5 of our Grief in Brief series, we are thrilled to be introducing our Humor is Healing campaign. Throughout the month of October, we will be sharing helpful information, along with clips of our program participants sharing their favorite jokes.
In Episode 4 of our Grief in Brief series, Peggy and Kailey are redefining what it means to be strong! Resilience in grief lies within conversation, so let’s be strong together and talk about it.
In Episode 3 of our Grief in Brief series, our topic is Coming to Grief Camp. Kailey and Peggy go over the beauty of SandCastles Camp – where all feelings are welcomed and grieving children can be reminded that they are not alone.
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