Music & Coloring

During this past weekend I was trying to think of something that could help me fill some time and still relax me during this stressful time in our world.  I was thinking back to my youth and some activities I loved to pursue in my spare time. Two things that came to mind were coloring and music.  Music is no problem; we have a lot of choices in our home.  Besides I am fortunate to have a husband who plays a guitar and sings.  As for coloring, I went to the computer and looked up adult coloring pages and found an abundance to choose from.  I printed off a few sheets, retrieved my coloring pencils, and let the creativity flow.

Music is a great way to escape.  It helps to calm oneself and relax.  It takes me back to great memories with loved one’s past and present.  It lifts my spirit. Then add coloring to the mix and an even greater sense of calm occurs.  There is a beginning and an end to the project.  I don’t have to plan anything, I just select a picture to color and the colored pencils I want to make my masterpiece.  Just like in grief you need to have patience with yourself, so do you as you color.  You must slow down your pace as you color if you want to achieve your goal.  I have decided to keep my masterpiece I did this weekend and to choose another to complete this week.  I am interested to see what colors I will choose–will they be different than last week? Will they be brighter or darker?  What will my picture look like when we are cleared to go back into the world we have put on hold?  What would your picture look like at the beginning of your grief and the weeks to follow?

Linda Van de Vyver

Program Coordinator

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