Presents to Give Ourselves in 2019

Kicking off a new year can be tough for grieving families. 
It often comes with mixed feelings.  When you reflect on the last year, what are the things you want to hold on to?  What would you prefer to leave behind?  Maybe, you want to hold on to the love and memories you have with your special person?  Or, maybe you want to leave behind the pain, the struggles, the hard times, and the heartache?  It’s so different for everyone.  The New Year brings time for reflection.  Be kind to yourself as you venture through your world of grief.

During the holidays, we do so much for others, we often leave off caring for ourselves.   It’s important that we begin the year with “Presents to Give Ourselves,” also known as “Self-Care.”  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Color in a coloring book
See a comedy
Blow bubbles
Drink hot cocoa (by the fire, if you can)
Make and enjoy some S’mores
Say “yes”
Say “no”
Laugh a little
Eat a healthy meal
Make a surprise gift
Sing in the shower
Yell out loud
Tell someone you love them
Hug someone
Enjoy silence – turn off your electronics and just be “you.”
Read a book
Crank up the music
Bake cookies
Take a nap
Take yourself to lunch or dinner
Sing in the car
Get a massage
Volunteer for a good cause
Buy new and fun socks
Talk to a friend
Play with your dog or cat
Volunteer at an animal shelter
Dance in the kitchen
Have a good cry
Build a snowman
Watch a movie
Laugh a lot!

Take a walk
Try a new activity
Go to the movies
Take a bath
Practice deep breathing
Take 10 minutes to just be by yourself
Play a game
Watch the sun set
Have a good cry
Try a new food
Send a note to someone you care about
Get your hair cut
Buy yourself a gift
Write in your journal
Get your nails done
Change your bed sheets
Get a pedicure
Share with others
Take a break
Punch a pillow
Go to the Gym
Drink a Smoothie
Plan/take a vacation
Drink lots of water
Have coffee or tea with a caring friend
Schedule self-care on your calendar
Get a new outfit
Go to the library
Read a magazine
Have a “fun” snowball fight
Lounge on your couch
Enjoy your favorite meal or dessert

Wishing all of you the very best for 2019 – May you be the best “YOU” that you can be!

Jennifer Buell Haskamp

Clinical Coordinator, SandCastles Grief Support Program

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