"We truly thank God for SandCastles. It has been a rock in our foundation of dealing with our grief." Susan, parent


SandCastles staff and volunteers arrive at one of the 8 program sites and begin preparing for the arrival of families.


Families arrive and partake in a light dinner. This is a time for new and returning families to mingle with each other and with SandCastles facilitators.


Age appropriate groups break off to begin their session. The adults join together in a facilitated group. Groups begin with "opening circle" when group members have the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their story.


Group sessions complete and families reassemble for a closing circle.

8:30 pm

Facilitators and staff begin their one hour debriefing sessions to review what happened in each group.  This is a part of SandCastles plan to continually evaluate and ensure the quality of its’ programming.