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Information for Teachers and Schools

We asked, they delivered! Here is what children and teens want you to know.

" Offer a place to go if we need a minute"

"Just because I am not talking about it, does not mean I am not grieving, or I am over it"

" I get stressed out when I have to start a new school year and no one knows about how my dad died"

" Sad is okay, happy is okay"

" Cut me some slack. Don't expect the same amount of effort and work to be done"

" Respect me and my grief how you want to be respected"

Have A Plan Of Action

1. Involve the student in on a conversation of how they want to return back to school.

2. Allow for a private space for the student to go if they need a safe quiet place.

3. Create safe words.

4. Follow routines and set limits.

5. Ask parent(s)/legal guardian(s) about any possible triggers.

Helpful Tools

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